Ebebek eliminates the gap between the offline and online world with WiFi360

ALPER E-BEBEK ile ilgili görsel sonucu“Junivo’s WiFi360 solution allows us to connect with customers not just online, but also in stores. We can now create, manage and measure a more captivating in store experience for our customers”

Alper Tekin, IT Director, Ebebek

Connecting online and in-store retail channels: Ebebek wanted to create a differentiated shopping experience in its physical stores. Integrating online and offline through WiFi was a promising oppor-tunity. We helped it happen.

Ebebek.com is the first online store in Turkey in terms of shopping for baby products (0-4 years old). Following the success of the internet site, eBebek has transitioned to physical stores by applying the ‘click to brick’ business model.

Business Needs

Providing persuasive shopping statis-tics is immensely valuable retail infor-mation. Ebebek has a strong online know-how and wants to leverage this know-how to offline stores.

At Ebebek, Junivo, uncovers a wealth of data. Now Ebebek knows unique daily visitors, how frequently visitors come and how long they stay.

They have already invested in WiFi infrastructure and wanted to monetize its WiFi network.

To give a better customer experience
Ebebek wanted to offer free WiFi to their customers.

Also to create a differentiated shop-ping experience and a personalized engagement Ebebek wanted to learn more about shoppers’ behaviors.

Finally Ebebek wanted to use inte-grated information to increase customer footfall.


That’s when Ebebek turned to Junivo for help. Junivo first integrated with Aruba ALE (Analytics and Location Engine) to collect WiFi data and pre-sented these results in its dashboard.

Then Junivo implemented free WiFi service. Ebebek started promot-ing free WiFi service with in-store Point-Of-Purchase (POP) displays and quickly, registered WiFi users increased to more than 40K.

Junivo also implemented SSO (Sin-gle-sign-on) approach for registration. Users can login using online or mobile app credentials to register to WiFi hotspot. With this approach Ebebek can aggregate customers’ online and offline profiles and create true om-nichannel use cases. For example, assume an online customer adds a stroller to shopping chart but then abandones and leaves the site. When that customers walks by an Ebebek store, we can send a presence mes-sage to Ebebek and Ebebek’s cam-paign management system sends a personalized offer to that customer. Use cases like this are very powerful.

“With WiFi360, we can go beyond CRM based offers. Now we can send the right offer to the right person at the right time.”
Alper Tekin


With WiFi360 Ebebek can now:

• Detect visitors’ physical presence in-store. Now they can better understand and analyze visi-

tor behavior on site. Learn how people used their venue.
• Engage on a more personal level. Give visitors a better experience.
• Make guest Wi-Fi access easier. Create an easy login portal and onboard guests with our simple user interface.

• Send the right offer to the right person at the right time. For example, having just bought a new stroller on the web, you might get a special offer on baby carrier when walking past an Ebebek shop. Or, if you haven’t visited

an Ebebek store for more than a month, just as you approach, you might receive a personalized incentive to visit the store.

Next Steps

There are 4 short term objectives that Ebebek wants to implement:

1. Increase omni-channel use cases. As registered opt-in WiFi users increase we are planning to increase the omnichannel use cases. Using customer profiles we will create new cross/up sell sce-narios. By doing so Ebebek will increase average basket size.

2. Space Management. By install-ing Junivo Access Points (monitor mode APs to increase geofenc-ing resolution), Ebebek wants to imlement Space Management use cases.

3. Mobile App Integration. Ebebek wants to send push messages via mobile apps.

4. Mystery shopper and customer survey management. Ebebek wants to manage mystery shop-per and customer surveys with WiFi360. We can make sure sur-veys are handled properly in-store (check presence and dwell time info of the customer) and elimi-nate multiple entries. Also most importantly survey costs will drop dramatically.
Junivo WiFi360 at a glance

WiFi360 is an IoT platform that provides “Google Analytics for physical retail stores”. Using signals emitted by individu-als’ smartphones, customer movement is monitored easily, unobtrusively and, most importantly, securely.

We can analyze how many people come in to a store, where they go, what are the flow times at different locations and the aggregate paths they are taking. Then we combine these into statistical analysis.

WiFi360 enables retailers to potentially send personalized offers as people enter stores and move through them.

WiFi360 has 3 modules:

1. Analytics:

• Get rich metrics of in-store shopping behavior
• # of Passersby & Visitors

• Shopping (Dwell) time

• Unique / Total

• New / Repeat

• Shopping frequency

• ... much more

2. Free Social WiFi

• Social log in features with Facebook

• Customizable splash screens and landing pages
• Detailed customer profile pages

3. Personalized Engagement

• Scenario Engine

• Create hyper-targeted & hyper-local rich media campaigns

Business Needs

• Better engage with customers

• Monetize WiFi network

• Up/cross sell

• Omnichannel use cases


• Using WiFi360 platform Ebebek can send personalized in-store messages to their customers


• More than 40K WiFi registered users in 3 months
• Projected ROI is > 50x

• Projected NPV > 200K per store

“We didn’t have such a capability before. Now, when customers visit the store, we can make personalized offers based on their online shopping preferences. Purchase decisions are better informed, and people never miss out on promotions or bargain buys. So they leave with a truly memorable retail experience.”

Alper Tekin

Customer: Ebebek

Web Site: www.e-bebek.com

Size: 81 stores in 34 provinces

Country: Turkey

Industry: Baby apparel and acces-sories


Ebebek started in 2001 as e-commerce site. Company quickly realised the importance of click-to-brick business model and in 2003 opened its first physical store. Today, Ebebek has 81 stores in 34

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